iron fist

Overall, Marvel Studios has maintained a remarkably high batting average with their now decade-old cinematic shared universe. In fact, you could very well argue that the only real clunker has been the ‘Inhumans’ TV series, which frankly seems to have made it to the screen simply by virtue of sheer pig headedness. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been other misfires along the way, perhaps the most notable of which was the first season of ‘Iron Fist’. While not as eye-scrapingly terrible as some of rival studio Warner Bros. lesser DC offerings, ‘Iron Fist’ proved divisive at best when it debuted last spring.

But while the cast and crew have been publicly supportive of the season as it stands, the powers that be have taken note of the litany of criticisms that have been leveled at it. This has already resulted in some visible changes going into Season Two, including new additions to the cast (most notably Simon Missick’s Misty Knight and Alice Eve in an undisclosed role), and more importantly, a new showrunner, with Raven Metzner replacing Scott Buck.

Early this morning, ‘Iron Fist’ star Finn Jones took to Instagram to commemorate the completion of filming for the new season. You can find Jones’ full post below, but in addition to some glowing words for the cast and crew, he also teased the show’s second season shakeup, saying that “the story we’ve told and the journey the characters have been on this season is unlike anything seen before.”

The second season of ‘Iron Fist’ is expected to arrive on Netflix sometime in 2019, though no premiere date has been announced as of this writing. Before that, however, Danny Rand will next appear in the second season of ‘Luke Cage‘, which is set to premiere on June 22, 2018.