The rumor mill is running strong these days for the MCU, with sources leaking information that the script for ‘Thor 3’ (written by the incredible Christopher Yost) might just a be a bit too dark for the MCU, which is why Marvel is bringing in director Taika Waititi to direct and tweak the script, due to the director’s past comedy history. And sources say that Waititi might be joined by another writer to help bring the film more tonally in line with the rest of the MCU, especially as the other ‘Thor’ films so far have been among the most light-hearted and humorous films in the franchise. (Although from a certain Point of View they have also been the weakest films in the MCU, which may be due to that light-heartedness).

Also big news for the film is the rumor about the Hulk’s involvement, as sources are saying the green giant may have more than just a cameo in the film. If the sources are correct, Hulk and Thor will be on a kind of epic cosmic road trip during the film, working together to prevent the Ragnarok mentioned in the film’s title. If true, it would definitely explain where the humor of the film is going to come from, and I think it would be kind of great, seeing the two heaviest hitters of the Avengers roster on an intergalactic road trip smashing and bashing along the way.

Lastly, the final rumor out about the movie is the potential introduction of the super-heroine Valkyrie, who may or not be with the Valkyries (plural) the Norse deities who take heroes to Valhalla. With the Valhalla imagery present in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ (in Thor’s vision) there’s a good chance Thor might be taking a trip to Valhalla, and it would be an ideal time to introduce the character of Valkyrie. Not only would it add another female superhero to the MCU, but she would also be in place should Marvel ever need to attempt the female Thor story currently going on in the comics. (to be clear, in the comics the female Thor is actually Jane Foster, but as Natalie Portman has proven to not be overly enthusiastic about her role in the MCU, they could easily give the storyline to another strong female character in the Thor mythos). Apparently, concept art had been commissioned for Valkyrie during ‘Thor 2’ but she did not make the final cut (see images below), but it is a good sign that Valkyrie has been part of Marvel’s plans for some time.

What are your thoughts on the ‘Thor 3’ rumors? Do you like the Hulk/Thor buddy movie idea? Are you looking forward to a darker plot? Do you think Valkyrie fits in with the current MCU? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Birth Movies Death