‘The Walking Dead’ will return for its fifth season on Sunday October 12th at 9 p.m.  When last we left our cast, most of them had been herded onto a train car in Terminus, a settlement that had originally seemed idyllic, but which turned into something far more sinister.  As to what the dark side of Terminus is, that has yet to be revealed on the show. (If you read the comics, though, you have an idea of where things are headed.)

You can get primed for the new season with this short teaser that hints at what’s to come:

Okay, yes that was brief.  If you want lengthier samples of what’s in store, you can click here and here.

Also, if you missed out on any of Season Four or just want a refresher, the DVD/BluRay editions will be out on August 26th– including a limited edition “tree walker” boxed set– and will include plenty of extras.  TVLine has an exclusive deleted scene from the fourth season episode ‘The Grove’ featuring Carol and Tyreese with baby Judith, Mika and Lizzie.  Of course if you recall… not everyone makes it out of that episode alive.  This scene, as well as others, will be available on the home video versions. You can watch the deleted scene by clicking on the player below:

‘The Walking Dead’ will once more be paired with its companion talk show ‘The Talking Dead’, hosted by Chris Hardwick which will air immediately after that showing (10 p.m. Eastern), which will once again be followed by an encore broadcast of ‘The Walking Dead’.

Are you ready for more zombie-slaying?

Source: Dread CentralTV Line