For all the hackers in training who grew up watching Matthew Broderick in ‘War Games’ in the 80’s, theres is good news on the horizon. ‘War Games’ is back, and appropriately enough it is being brought back with some new technology propelling it. The new short film will be an interactive movie, allowing the audience to make choices while viewing and affect the outcome of the narrative, the idea being that a person could watch the film multiple times and see different outcomes based on their decisions. The technology patented by Interlude works well with the story of ‘War Games,’ where a kid accidentally hacks into a top secret nuclear missile arsenal computer, and unwittingly almost unleashes WWIII while thinking he is playing a war simulation.

According to MGM Television Group and Digital President Roma Khanna:

“We are very excited to be working with Interlude on this audience-driven interactive story experience. ‘WarGames’ is the perfect MGM title for this innovative technology. It allows us to engage the audience in the fundamental questions of ‘What would you do?’”

Which ties in with the words of Interlude CEO Yoni Bloch who stated:

“It was obvious to us that this would be an extremely interesting place to start working on this interactive narrative concept with a movie franchise…I have always been fascinated by this classic movie. ‘WarGames’ is more relevant than ever; it combines a look at hacking with the moral issues of treating war as a game. Our goal is to create a new medium, and to bring this gripping story to a whole new generation that is now demanding more immersive video experiences.””

While the original ‘War Games’ was well received by audiences and critics, garnering 3 Academy Award nominations including Best Screenplay, only time will tell whether the new film will be able to stand on its own merits outside of the innovative new technology being used to bring it to life. What are your thoughts on a new ‘War Game’ released with interactive technology? Make sure to share your opinions below in the comments!

Source: Variety