Remedy Entertainment announced that Dominic Monaghan (‘Lost’, ‘Lord of the Rings’) and Shawn Ashmore (‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, ‘The Following’) will be featured in the upcoming Xbox One Exclusive time-manipulating third person action game entitled ‘Quantum Break.’

Announced via an image on the studio’s official Twitter account, both Monaghan and Ashmore are set to play characters in the game. However, as of writing, it has not been made explicit which characters they will be playing.

“I’ve been holding this in for a while!” Ashmore said on his official Twitter account. “Feels great to finally say I’m apart of @remedygames #QuantumBreak! It’s going to such a great game!”

‘Quantum Break’ tells the story of three people, Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder and Jack’s best friend, Paul Serene, who all get caught in the blast of the failed time experiment in the fictional university town of Riverport. In the aftermath of the accident, Serene ends up being thrown  into a portal while Jack and Beth both miraculously gain the ability to stop time. Before they even get time to settle, Jack and Beth soon find out that Serene has returned to the present 17 years older as the  head of an evil corporation called Monarch Solutions. To combat the threat of Serene, both Jack and Beth must work together to figure out how to fix time while surviving the countless threats that Serene throws at them.

‘Quantum Break’ will be released alongside a live-action TV based in its universe as well. While the game will focus on major protagonists Jack and Beth, the TV show will actually be about Monarch Solutions and antagonist Serene.

Last month, Remedy Entertainment released a 16-minute gameplay video of ‘Quantum Break,’ which offers a look at the game’s time manipulating mechanics and environments, as well as some of the third person gunplay that will be featured in the game.

‘Quantum Break’ will be released as an exclusive title for the Xbox One sometime in 2015.

Source: Twitter