It was not until ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show‘ that audiences learned with some certainty that all of the seasons of the acclaimed show existed in the same universe, as that season featured the return of fan-favorite pin-head Pepper as one of the performers, as well as bringing back Lily Rabe to reprise her ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ role of Sister Mary Eunice. And now that they have played around with the connected universe idea in ‘Freak Show,’ it seems they are now willing to do it more often in the new season of the show, ‘Hotel.’

So far we know about two connections, both of them back to Season 1, the first being the return of Christine Estabrook as Marcy, the real estate agent that originally sold the murder house to Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott back in Season 1 (check out the photo of her in the latest season along with Cheyenne Jackson (who’s Twitter account posted the pic), who is playing fashion designer Will Drake). It seems this season she is showing off the Hotel Cortez, making fans wonder if she is some kind of realtor to the damned (though I’m sure that is a plotline they will never go into on the show). Also set to make an appearance this season is the Murder House itself, with co-creator Ryan Murphy claiming the show will “go to the Murder House for one episode.” No one is quite sure why they could return to the Murder House, or what other characters from Season 1 might aware any characters that return to the house, but fans are excited to see the continued connectivity between the seasons.

What are your thoughts on the show returning to their old stomping grounds in the latest season? Do you think it will only be a quick cameo, or will a lot of the featured episode take place there? Share your theories below!

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ checks into FX beginning October 7th. 

Source: EW