Netflix is trying out a new, lower-priced subscription option in Malaysia.  This subscription costs RM17, which translates to about $4 a month, American. The catch is that this version is only available to watch on phones and tablets.  No televisions, no computers.  In Malaysia, the regular subscription costs RM33, which comes out to about $7.90 American.  This is all part of Netflix’s plan to expand to pretty much every corner of the Earth, including nations (mostly in Asia) where citizens can’t afford the full Netflix subscription.

There are further limitations, beyond not being able to watch on TV or a computer.  Unlike the regular subscription, this one can’t be shared.  Content can only be streamed on one device at a time.  This content will also not be available in high definition, just standard.  With the standard subscription, HD is available, but not Ultra HD and is also still limited to one screen at a time.  With the higher-priced Premium sub, viewers will have access to Ultra HD and can use up to four screens at a time.

Netflix has a tendency to raise prices, in order to justify the increasing cost of producing its original TV shows and movies, so the lower price seems pretty radical.  Presumably, the benefit will be an increase in subscribers.  Even if they are paying less, it’s still money.  And these lower-price subscribers will help elevate Netflix’s brand and recognition, which will hopefully spur others to pony up for the Standard and Premium plans.

At this point, the Mobile-only plan is only offered in Malaysia, but should it do well there, presumably Netflix will begin offering it in other territories.  It’s unclear if that will include the US or any other existing markets.  In the US, Netflix subscriptions are flat.  Pretty much everyone that wants a subscription has one at this point.  But perhaps offering a cheaper, mobile-only plan could lead to a spike.

Would you be interested in a Netflix sub that you can only watch on your phone or tablet?

Source: The Star