For Sale: Murder House Of ‘American Horror Story’ – Huge Price Reduction

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1120 Westchester Place

This doesn't look very haunted at all, huh? Photo courtesy Joe Babajian/Rodeo Realty

The Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion isn’t actually haunted (so far as we know), but one can be forgiven for thinking that. After all, the Rosenheim Mansion in the Country Club Park neighborhood of Los Angeles is more easily recognized as “Murder House” in ‘American Horror Story’The Pilot was filmed on location here, at 1120 Westchester Place, and walking through certain rooms is like being in the Harmon house. Best part? For $4.5 million it can be yours!

The Rosenheim Mansion (L.A. Cultural Monument #660), all 10,440 square feet of it, has 6 bedrooms with 5 baths, a grand ballroom currently being used as a recording studio, as well as the whole shebang of Tiffany fixtures. We’re talking Tiffany lights, Tiffany glass doors, Tiffany stained glass, and Tiffany leaded-glass display cases.

Lucky for you intrepid buyers, the house doesn’t actually have any hauntings associated with it. It does come with 6 vintage Batchelder tile fireplaces, as well as a solarium and nearly a full acre of land. Take a gander at some of the photos from the listing agent (Rodeo Realty), like the front hall where the Harmons get their first interior glimpse of the house:

The entry hall of the Rosenheim mansion.

That doesn’t look so creepy now does it? Now have a look first at the house when it was “abandoned” in the 1970s:

And now for the real thing:

The real Rosenheim house's front hall.

Again, not that terribly creepy. Kind of a let-down, honestly. Here’s a few more photos of the living room, the formal dining room, and the staircase we see in a few episodes.

The living room of the Rosenheim Mansion

American Horror Story Rosenheim dining room

Rosenheim staircase

Don’t worry about purchasing the house and leaving the film crew out in the proverbial cold. Connie Britton, who plays Vivien Harmon, told The Washington Post that while the ‘American Horror Story’ pilot was filmed at the Rosenheim Mansion, much of the series is now filmed on a soundstage.

The listing agent calls the Rosenheim Mansion a once-in-a-generation opportunity, and bills the home as “evoking the grandeur of a bygone era.” Umm, yeah you could say that. Either way though, I would be happy simply taking a tour.

There is also a video tour of the mansion from last year of the previous realtor that had the house listed at a whopping $8.5 million dollars. If you are actually interested in purchasing the home you can check out Joe Babajian’s listing for more information. Make sure to tell Joe that sent you, we’d love that referral fee :-)

The Rosenheim Mansion Video Tour

Update: Real estate listing for the Rosenheim mansion was updated recently, with a brand-new asking price of $17 million and a note that it was currently off the market while American Horror Story was filming there. Except of course for “pre-qualified buyers,” which I suppose means you can’t call the realtor and look if you’re just an AHS fan and want to see the inside of the house. Darn and I was hoping to take a private tour.

  • Luvlynesa

    Still looks pretty creepy to me, and not because of the show but because of the interior design.

  • not a millionaire

    only 8.5 mil?  What a bargain!!  I wonder if they take pocket lint……..

  • Christoff

    Lol it’s actually being sold by an Armenian

  • Edna Purviance

    My favorite references in the video are to the “personal forest” at the rear–otherwise known as a backyard with unmown grass. That one could also have one’s own private ballet studio is tempting. But I’m especially glad to know that the house is in “the finest area of Los Angeles.” Of course it is. Why do real estate brokers always sound like used-car salesman? I guess they are, less the wheels. Hilarious.

  • Rlt4fun

    I am amazed that while it was adbanded all that Tiffany glass remined and more of the structure was not stolen………

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  • natalie

    I want that house!