kris marshall

First, Kris Marshall was rumored to be the front-runner to replace the outgoing Peter Capaldi as the main character of BBC’s long-running sci-fi series ‘Doctor Who’ – then Jodie Whittaker was announced as the actress for the role.  Now, rumors have started swirling that Marshall will fill the role of the Doctor’s new companion – but how much truth is there to this claim?

A rep for Marshall speaking with Yahoo UK has denied the claim, stating simply and directly:

“There is no truth in the rumors.”

Fair enough… but we were also told, back when there were rumors circulating about the Thirteenth Doctor being a woman, that there was no truth to those rumors as well – and now here we are, with a female indeed cast in the role (something I personally am very much looking forward to seeing play out on screen).  So, what are fans to believe?

Personally, I’d recommend treating it as what it is – a rumor.  Definitive news will come when it’s supposed to, and then we’ll all know for sure and be a lot happier about it.  Could Marshall show up in some fashion in the upcoming season of ‘Doctor Who?’ Almost assuredly – as the source who first unveiled the rumor puts it:

“Kris is a big fan of the show and the BBC are a big fan of his.”

So, who can say for sure whether Marshall may appear as the next companion or not?  At the risk of making a bad sci-fi pun… only time will tell.