Looks like ‘Ant-Man’ may be the Little Super Hero Movie That Could!  Despite its #1 debut last week, it opened with the second lowest grosses for a Marvel Studios movie since 2008’s ‘Incredible Hulk’ and it looked to be the first misstep for the powerhouse studio after a string of phenomenal hits.  But despite some mixed reviews, the tiny hero held on to the top spot for a second week, edging out the nearly universally panned Adam Sandler slapstick sci fi romp ‘Pixels.’  (It actually had a perfect 0% Rotten Tomatoes rating for several days until some charitable critics actually gave it a thumbs up.)

Here are the official rankings and grosses:

  1. Ant-Man (Disney) – $24,765,000
  2. Pixels (Sony) – $24,000,000
  3. Minions (Universal) – $22, 058,050
  4. Trainwreck (Universal) – $17, 281,950
  5. Southpaw (The Weinstein Company) – $16,500,000

Animated family flick, ‘Minions’ added another $22 million taking its overall total to nearly $262 million.  Rounding out the top five were edgy rom-com ‘Trainwreck’ and boxing drama ‘Southpaw.’

Further down the list, ‘Jurassic World’ came in at #8, devouring another $6,850,550, taking its total to $623,753,325, making it the third highest grossing movie ever, taking down Marvel’s ‘The Avengers.’  The dino hit still ranks behind two James Cameron smashes ‘Avatar’ and ‘Titanic’… well, technically.  The dino smash has actually surpassed the original box office of ‘Titanic,’ but that film’s numbers are padded with those of the 3D re-release.

‘Jurassic World”s success comes as a bit of a surprise, considering that the reviews have been mixed and the last two movies in the franchise were disappointing both in gross and reaction.  Plus, it’s been 14 years since the last installment but the sheer escapist fun seems to have been enough to capture audiences’ imaginations even after that dormant phase.

In other revival news, ‘Terminator: Genysis’ slipped to #10 with $2,400,000, bringing its total gross to a disappointing $85,665,614.  Paramount had hoped that this film would kick start a new trilogy, but that seems unlikely at this point.

‘Ant-Man’ will most likely slip next week with the arrival of ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ and the revival of ‘Vacation.’

Source: Rentrak