If you have a console, you’re probably among the many people enjoying your ‘Batman: Arkham Knight‘ experience. (PC users are still getting the short end of the stick, since the PC port isn’t fully fixed yet and even the DLC has been delayed on PC.) However, the real question is, how many Easter eggs have you found? The various ‘Batman: Arkham’ games are known for their copious amounts of Easter eggs and references to the rest of the DC universe. ‘Arkham City’ had one Easter egg that hinted at the plot of Arkham Knight that was as creepy as you could hope for. If you’re like me, a combination of a PC gamer and lazy, then IGN.com’s handy guide to ‘Arkham Knight’ Easter eggs will come in handy in helping you find the Easter eggs. Warning, some of the following Easter eggs are spoilers, so if you haven’t played through the game yet and don’t want to get it spoiled for you, you should stop reading now and come back at a later time.

‘Arkham Knight’s’ Easter eggs are mostly along the line of cameo appearances of villains and references to the rest of the DC universe, but there is one Easter egg in particular that is rather more Easter-eggy than the rest. If you have completed the “Creature of the Night” side quest and stopped Man-Bat and then play the game on Halloween (or at least change the internal clock on your console or computer to October 31, then you’ll get a fun little surprise as you use your grapnel.

Some of my other favorite Easter eggs/references include the clown balloon from the 1989 Batman movie, the various Swamp-Thing references, and finding John Constantine’s “paranormal investigator” office (pictured above).

So, what’s your favorite Easter egg you’ve found so far in ‘Arkham Knight’? What’s your favorite Easter egg from previous ‘Arkham’ games? Let us know in the comments below.