Who would have thought that we would live in a world where an Ant-Man movie was better than an Avengers movie? Despite both having their flaws (with ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ arguably having bigger ones), Peyton Reed’s Phase Two finale just ended up being more fun. And based on some recent comments from the man in charge, one character from ‘Ant-Man’ in particular will have a larger part in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

WARNING: If you haven’t seen ‘Ant-Man’ yet, there are SPOILERS ahead.

While joining director Reed in a conversation with Yahoo! Movies, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed previous reports that Hope Van Dyne would indeed factor into the next chapter of the MCU and apparently in a big way. Feige says that it’s an integral moment when Hope’s father Hank Pym bestows upon her the suit that was made by him and his late wife Janet in the first post-credits scene of the movie, but what comes next for the heroine presumably taking the mantle of the Wasp is far more important to what comes next:

“It’s going to be certainly a part of our Phase 3. It is going to be a very important moment, and — spoiler alert! — we see that suit for the first time, and her father now is finally giving it to her and realizes that he can’t hold her back from what is essentially her destiny. It’s going to be a very big part of one of our upcoming films.”

Though he doesn’t specify which Phase Three film we’ll be seeing the Wasp in, I think there’s a good chance that she’ll pop up in ‘Captain America: Civil War’. That’s the next time we’re set to see Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man (as well as a number of other heroes), so it makes sense for co-star Evangeline Lilly appear right alongside him there. However, you never know what the House of Ideas has planned for their films as Black Widow didn’t immediately come to mind as a supporting character in an Iron Man movie at first. With that in mind, Hope might even have something to do with ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Captain Marvel,’ or ‘Black Panther’? Of course there’s also ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ to think about. We’ll just have to wait and see which movie will feature the Wasp in a “very big part”. Until then, check out the complete interview with Peyton Reed and Kevin Feige and let us know about your thoughts on Hope Van Dyne’s future in the comments below: