‘The Flash’ executive producer Greg Berlanti officially declared that the returning hit will grow closer to its comic book roots in its sophomore season.  That makes sense.  ‘The Flash’ is the first truly “super” super hero show in many years.  ‘Smallville’ and ‘Arrow’ downplayed the more outlandish qualities for a more realistic approach.  Berlanti and company threw caution to the wind when time came to craft a spinoff, which resulted in the lighter, (ahem) flashier ‘The Flash.’  And audiences went for it!

Perhaps it was the proliferation of colorful super hero movies, but it seemed that the public no longer viewed grownups in bright spandex suits running at super speed or whipping up tornadoes on demand as being corny or ridiculous.

Even so, the costume worn by Grant Gustin, the title star, was a nice mix of the classic comic book version and a more realistic look.  But with the series drifting closer to the source material, it makes sense that The Flash’s costume would become more like that on the printed page.

The suit was displayed at SDCC but now The CW has released an official poster that confirms a switch in “work clothes” for the Scarlet Speedster.  You can view it below and compare it to the Season One uniform above.

The lighting obscures some of the details on the costume, but the most obvious change is highlighted: the white field behind the lightning bolt on The Flash’s chest insignia.  The Season One logo had the gold bolt over a red background.  It also looks as if some of the piping on the suit has been altered ever so slightly.

The new suit was designed by Maya Mani, who also designed the Season Four costume for Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow and those of the various misfits from ‘Legends of Tomorrow.’

What do you think of The Flash’s new costume?  Do you think it’s a good idea to bring the show closer in line with the comics?  Are a pair of gold boots next?

Source: Deadline Hollywood