Marvel Television brought ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and ‘Agent Carter’ to San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, but they seemed to have left their Netflix shows back in New York City. However, not to be outdone by their network TV counterparts, the heroes from the popular streaming service’s corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have surfaced online thanks to some new photos.

Following the set photos of Jon Bernthal on the set of ‘Daredevil’ as The Punisher, Marvel and Netflix have released the first official pictures from ‘Jessica Jones’ and they are hot. No really, things are heating up because Luke Cage is literally on fire. Presumably taken after the explosive scene chronicled in the recent set videos, the new shots show the former (or soon to be, depending on how the MCU does it) Power Man walking out of a building while he’s up in flames. Mike Colter’s Cage has unbreakable skin that makes him practically invulnerable, but that doesn’t stop Krysten Ritter’s Jones from checking on her tall, dark, and handsome love interest.

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‘Jessica Jones’ (which has recently dropped the AKA from the title) is set to premiere on Netflix later this year, but down the line Colter will star in his own series. ‘Luke Cage’ is currently in the writing phase under the direction of showrunner and executive producer Cheo Hodari Coker of ‘Almost Human’ and ‘Southland’.

What do you think about the first official pictures from ‘Jessica Jones’? Are you a fan of Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter portraying the powerhouse power couple in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? And what do you think the pair is up to that finds Luke Cage on fire? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments.

Source: Comic Book Resource