We haven’t been hearing too much from ‘Warcraft‘ but it looks as if the Horde and Alliance are invading San Diego Comic-Con 2015 in a big way! Director Duncan Jones is sharing off a slew of costumes and character sculpts front and center at Legendary’s exhibit at this year’s SDCC and they look spectacular! Both the humans and orcs are getting some amazing character reveals here and if you’ve been looking forward to seeing more previews as to what to expect the look of the film to be you are going to be quite happy.

In fact if you’ve been looking forward to seeing the look of the characters in person you aren’t the only one as Jones says:

“It’s so cool because we’ve been working on this film for a while now, and the VFX shots have been coming in all the time. They look exquisite and amazing, but to actually see him in person – the physical presence of Ogrim and how thick and huge he is — is really cool. The sculpts from Weta are stunning. There is also King Llane and a whole troop of soldiers, which is magnificent. And that’s the armor we used in the film. It is an amazing installation.”

Checking out Ogrim here, you can see why he was so impressed!

Of course it isn’t just the orcs that are showing up here as there is an amazing sculpt of King Llane along with the suits of armor that the knights will be wearing. So it doesn’t matter which side you are cheering for fans of either the Alliance or the Horde will be getting a good look here.

While the film is slowly approaching release, the work isn’t quite done yet. In his last interview, Jones mentioned that he had 50 out of the 1,000 effects left to work with. How close is he on finishing production now?

“That number is down to about eight or nine shots left. Our scoring is done, and we’re doing some final mixing. We are doing tweaks to the color grade, but we pretty much have a complete film now. I think everyone is feeling pretty strongly that we have something we can be proud of. The release date is exceptional for us. It is going to be the same release date as Jurassic World was this year, and that’s a good place to be.”

With ‘Jurassic World‘ taking a huge bite out of everything else at the box office, it does seem to be a good target weekend for release. Will we be getting a trailer for the film at SDCC this year? While I would guess a solid yes on that, it is too soon to tell and Jones is, of course, being evasive in letting us know:

“There is an awful lot of stuff going on. I am very unsure how much I can talk about. They want to make the reveals as surprising as possible. We do have the panel with most of our main cast there, and we are going to be showing … something that should be a great taster of what to expect from the film. We are doing so much stuff I’m hoping I’ll be given time to actually enjoy the con.”

Sounds like we’ll all have something fun to look forward too. To tide us over until their panel though here are a slew of other shots from the area to enjoy!

Do the new images have you excited for the release of the trailer for ‘Warcraft’? Do you think that this could be one of the few enjoyable video game adaptations to hit the big screen? Share your thoughts below!

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