The Predator Holiday Short

More and more, folks are embracing unconventional holiday programming.  After all, how many times can you watch ‘Christmas Vacation’, ‘A Christmas Story’ and ‘Elf’?  ‘Die Hard’ is the apex of this trend, along with ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and more recent entries like ‘Krampus’.  Now comes a new short that you may want to make a part of your annual tradition– ‘The Predator Holiday Short’.

Crafted in the stop-motion animation style of classics like ‘Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ and ‘The Year Without a Santa Claus’ (not to mention ‘Robot Chicken’), ‘The Predator Holiday Short’ is serving up bloody puppetry cheer.  The special will debut on Comedy Central next Wednesday, December 19, during ‘BoJack Horseman, which airs at 10:30 pm EST.  Presumably, that means that this short is indeed pretty short, as it sounds as though it’s about the length of a long commercial.

A short clip from ‘The Predator Holiday Short’ has been released to announce the event.  Unfortunately, the stop-motion Predator himself doesn’t appear.  Instead, an elf named Sprinkles and Reindeer Blitzen are shown getting ready for Christmas Eve, until a red light that obviously hasn’t originated from Rudolph appears.  Blitzen is shockingly prepared for a violent assault, as shown.

Check out the promotional clip for yourself below:


‘The Predator Holiday Short’ is definitely more ‘Robot Chicken’ than ‘Rudolph’!  (With a dash of ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ thrown in for good measure.)

Obviously, this short is being released in time to promote the home video release of ‘The Predator’.  Though the short says that the film is now available, it actually won’t be released until next Tuesday, December 18, the day before the short airs on TV.

‘The Predator’ was released in September but unfortunately, it looks to have been the victim of “franchise fatigue” as only die-hard fans turned out for it.  Perhaps it will find a bigger audience on home video.

Are you excited about ‘The Predator Holiday Short’?  Will ‘The Predator’ be on your wish list this year?

Source: Cinema Blend