If you’re getting bored with the films that Marvel Studios is releasing then you aren’t alone as you can include ex-director Brian Taylor in your corner! If the name isn’t immediately ringing a bell then you are surely missing his stunning take on one of Marvel’s most sinister characters brought to life in the 2011 release of ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance‘. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the director of this non-Marvel Cinematic Universe movie which starred Nicolas Cage as the Ghost Rider and a pre-Heimdall Idris Elba as a priest that he ends up working with doesn’t love the new films.

Of course, I’m not sure how he could even compare his work to what is currently in the MCU with how vastly different they are. According to Taylor:

“The Marvel [Studios] movies, I just don’t understand at all. I have to be honest, they seem very long to me. I’ve got to be careful the way I say this. I just don’t get them. I’m kind of bored with them and I just don’t find them particularly entertaining. I think they’re really well made in terms of craft. The action is really good. They’re technically really great. They have a lot of actors that I love. But I just don’t get it.”

I’m sure fans of Cage as Ghost Rider will agree with you! I mean, there have to be a few out there. Joking aside, at how horrible this movie was, this isn’t to say that Taylor was against every Marvel movie that has been released. He does like Fox’s recent take on the genre and makes a slight dig at the DCEU on their decision to not make a rated R Suicide Squad:

“For one thing, I kind of like making rated R movies. They don’t make too many of those. Logan and Deadpool were fantastic. I think rated R comic book movies could really work, and they can be great. I don’t know why Suicide Squad was not rated R. That just seemed like an obvious movie that should be rated R.”

His take on Syfy’s ‘Happy!’ has been much better received than ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’ with audiences and critics. With his style of work, it makes sense that Marvel Studios isn’t exactly the home to movies that he enjoys. While it makes sense to be “bored with them,” it does say a lot that he just doesn’t “get it.”

Do you agree with Brian Taylor that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is boring or are you in the camp that the director of ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’ shouldn’t be faulting other comic inspired films? Share your thoughts below True Believers!