Have you already binged the entire 12-episode first season of ‘Sense8’ on Netflix?  The highly anticipated sci fi drama, from the minds of The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski became available in its entirety on Friday June 5th.  The show focuses on a diverse selection of eight individuals from around the globe, with wildly disparate lives and backgrounds, who suddenly become mentally linked with one another, gaining each other’s skills but also uncovering their deepest secrets.

If you have caught ‘Sense8,’ either the entire season or just a few episodes, you may be intrigued to hear a bit of insight from members of the cast.  You’re in luck, as four of the series regulars, Daryl Hannah (Angelica “Angel” Turing), Naveen Andrews (Jonas Maliki), Brian J. Smith (Will Gorski) and Jamie Clayton (Nomi Marks) sat down to discuss the show and their roles with interviewer Karamo Brown.

You can catch the interview below:

Daryl Hannah’s character Angel serves as the “mother of the group,” another sensate from an earlier generation who must guide the new members as they discover and explore their mysterious link.

As Andrews noted, this show is not structured like a typical TV program, comparing each episode to a movie.

Critical reaction has been mixed, with some praising ‘Sense8’ for bucking traditional mores.  But others find it a bit muddled and confusing.  It seems as if those ‘Heroes‘ comparisons are accurate, in both a good and bad way.  But over all, the reviews have been better than average.

Of course fans have a way of making up their own minds.  If you’ve seen it, what did you think?  Will this be another breakout hit for the streaming service, like ‘Orange Is The New Black’?  Or will this one quietly fade away, like ‘Hemlock Grove’?  Comment below!

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