After providing the voice of DC hero Vixen on CW Seed’s digital animated series, Megalyn E.K. is taking the role to live action on ‘Arrow’.  The animated series is produced by the same crew behind The CW hit, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg and the plan was always in place for E.K. to embody the role should they decide to bring Vixen to the live action universe.

That time has come.  E.K. will debut as the live action Vixen in episode 15 of the current fourth season and the above picture gives a glimpse of how she will appear.  The ghostly wolf image hints at her mystical powers, to emulate the abilities of animals thanks to her powerful amulet, the Tantu Totem.

‘Vixen’ performed well enough on Seed to be renewed for a second season.  Grant Gustin (‘The Flash’) and Stephen Amell (‘Arrow’) as well as other castmembers of their shows lent their voices to the animated series.  The show follows the exploits of Mari McCabe, an African-born woman whose family was killed by corruption in her homeland.  She uses her abilities to exact her revenge as well as to fight for justice in other areas.  In the comics, Vixen was a recurring member of the Justice League.

Even though ‘Vixen’ is only available through Seed, this still marks the first time a female hero of color has headlined her own show.  Could she possibly be the first live action female hero of color to have her own series?  Maybe…

Earlier, CW president Mark Pedowitz declared:

“Hopefully, that character could actually spin itself out, if not, maybe join as one of the Legends [of Tomorrow]… At this moment last year, Legends didn’t really exist. So time will take its toll.”

Currently, word is that ‘Legends’ won’t get a second season, because it’s proven too expensive, but CW is looking to do another limited run series around this time next year.  Could it be a ‘Vixen’ solo series?

‘Arrow’ has returned and airs at 8pm on Wednesdays on The CW.  Episode 15, featuring Vixen should air on February 24, barring any delays.

Are you excited to see Vixen in live action on ‘Arrow’?  Would you like to see her headline her own show?

Source: Variety