This article features SPECULATION which could be considered SPOILERS, so if you wish to avoid those, don’t read any further!

In the ‘Flash’ episode ‘Flash Vs. Arrow‘ and the ‘Arrow’ episode ‘The Brave and the Bold’, Paul Anthony technically played Roy G. Bivolo, better known (which I know is a relative term) as the goofball villain the Rainbow Raider.

In the comics, the Rainbow Raider wears a rainbow striped leotard and zips around on a rainbow slide that he projects from his goggles.  On TV, he… doesn’t.

As I noted previously, the live action Bivolo’s eyes would glow red and his victims would fly into a fit of rage, attacking those around them.  That’s all.  Just red.  And to defeat him, Cisco countered his red energy with flashes of green, blue and violet light.

In the comics, Rage is the signature emotion that powers the Red Lanterns, led by Atrocitus, just one of the six surviving Lantern Corps, each fueled by a different emotion.  The most famous, of course are the Green Lanterns who are powered by Will.  There are five Green Lanterns from Earth, most famously Hal Jordan, as well as John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner and most recently Simon Baz.

There is one Orange Lantern, Larfleeze, who derives his power from Avarice/Greed (which is why he kills anyone else who comes near his battery or mountain of rings) as well as Yellow (Fear), Blue (Hope) and Violet (Love) Corps.  The Indigo Corps (Compassion) were recently destroyed.

The three colors used to counter Bivolo’s powers, green, blue and violet are considered the heroic Lantern Corps.

Now comes word that the producers of ‘The Flash’ are bringing in yet another of DC’s most outlandish (and outdated) villains– the Bug Eyed Bandit.  ‘The Walking Dead’ alum Emily Kinney will appear as the villain– a man in the comics, named Bertram Larvan.  Kinney’s character will be named Brie.  The villain is traditionally a foe of The Atom and Brandon Routh is currently appearing on ‘Arrow’ as that hero’s secret identity Ray Palmer.  Routh will guest star in the same episode that Kinney’s character appears in, Episode 18.

Kinney’s character won’t go by “The Bug Eyed Bandit.”  Instead her villainous moniker will be… wait for it… the BLUE Eyed Bandit!  First a Red Eyed Bandit, who inflicts Rage, now a BLUE Eyed Bandit?  Add to that the rumblings that John Diggle may turn out  to be John Stewart...

Now, the news of Kinney’s casting has just been announced and there has so far been no mention that the Blue Eyed Bandit will have any super powers.  (The comic version doesn’t either.)

Am I just being  Question/Rorschach paranoid?  The Blue Eyed Bandit name could be totally unrelated to the Red Eyed Roy G. Bivolo.  But WHY out of DC’s roster of literally thousands of super villains would they hand-pluck two of the goofiest in history to adapt to prime time live action?  Who’s next the Ten Eyed Man?  Kiteman?  Mouseman?  Killer Moth?  (Oh that last one would just be stupid.  Killer Moth is a Batman villain!  If he appears on any show, it’ll be ‘Gotham’.  But, PS those are all real.)

What do you think?  Are these two characters connected?  To each other… and possibly more?  Would the multicolored Lanterns work on TV, toned down the same way Bivolo was?  Or am I reading too far into this?

Let me know below!

Source: The Movie Network