It’s been a few months since we’ve heard any news about the newest film to enter the ‘Halloween’ franchise. Well, now we’ve learned that Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan will be writing the next ‘Halloween‘ movie. The writing duo are well versed in horror series as they were responsible for 3 of the ‘Saw’ movies as well as the two ‘Collector’ movies. While the pair are known for darker films. they were also in charge of the screenplay for ‘Piranha 3DD’ which could mean some unnecessary humor could slip into the franchise.

I wouldn’t bet on it though.

What I would bet on is that the last draft of the film which was due the night before last Halloween didn’t set well with producer Malek Akkad or anyone else involved with the film. With all of the changes so far I just hope that they don’t still insist on making it a ‘Halloween 3D‘ film. Let’s be honest, the gimmick won’t save the franchise from another poorly written and executed script.

As mentioned above Akkad is on board as a producer and will be sharing responsibilities with Matt Stein. Akkad is the son of Moustapha Akkad who was in charge of the original ‘Halloween’ films. With Rob Zombie out of the director’s chair in the next film, we still have no word on who will be helming the project.

While no one has been sure what direction the series would take for a while now a new source says that the plan is not to make a reboot or a reimagining but a “recalibration.”

I’m, actually not sure how to take that as Dimension Films has seemed to be unsure where to take the film since the 2009 release of ‘Halloween II’ failed to make waves at the box office. The movie only made $39 million after Rob Zombie’s previous attempt had been able to net at least $80 million. There is a lot of room to grow here but another flop could quite easily kill the franchise.

Are you looking forward to seeing one of the most infamous slashers to return to Haddonfield, Illinois one more time or have they already squandered their chance? What direction would you like to see the film take the characters?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter