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A lot of names are flying about the casting on DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ and now Gary Sinise (‘CSI:NY,’ ‘Mission to Mars’) is said to be attached to the film. He is not one of the two actors that has been mentioned to be in the running for Rick Flag. Once Tom Hardy left the production and Jake Gyllenhaal decided against taking the role, I suppose anything is possible. While I wouldn’t count him out of filling Flag’s shoes, that isn’t a role anyone has been floating about for him. In fact, we’re getting two quite different reports on who the actor will be portraying even before Warner Brother, DC Entertainment, or Sinise himself announced that he has signed a contract.

So who could Sinise be playing? First up in our two varied rumors we see that El Mayimbe from Latino Review sent out the following tweet:

While they do get quite a few scoops, it would seem that Cinema Blend’s source is saying that Sinise is part of the film, yet they say he will not be playing General Wade Eiling or Deathstroke. Deathstroke is another fan favorite whose casting has no confirmed actor. Personally, I could see him taking on the general as he has years of experience of being an authority figure under his belt from ‘CSI.’

For those unfamiliar with General Eiling, he has been shown in cartoons as working with Amanda Walker for controlling the ‘Suicide Squad.’ In the comic world, he tends to be at odds with the ‘Justice League.’ In fact, at one point he transfers his mind into the body of Shaggy Man to take them on. While we don’t know if Sinise will end up being Eiling, it is fun to imagine him in the role. With how many villains are already planned on being introduced here, I suspect the character will just end up being a partner in crime with Walker.

Who do you think Eiling should play in ‘Suicide Squad’? Would you be happy to see Sinise join this already star studded cast?

‘Suicide Squad’ is set to be released on August 5th, 2016.