The cable network Syfy has churned out a bevvy of godawful, horrendous “horror” movies featuring damn-terrible CGI monster hybrids, but for whatever reason, last year’s ‘Sharknado’ struck a chord, taking over social media and becoming the “water cooler” event of discussion the next day in offices across the country.  The TV movie showcased an event where tornadoes formed over the ocean, sucking up all kinds of sharks and delivering them via “air mail” to Los Angeles, where the now airborne predators were unleashed on unsuspecting aspiring actors, singers and models.

Caught in the middle of this chaos was bar-owner/man-child Finn played by the third hottest guy from ‘Beverly Hills 90210’, Ian Ziering (yeah, have fun guessing which one I didn’t think was hot) and his rag-tag group of friends, including his ex-wife April played by Tara Reid famous for being in the ‘American Pie’ movies and seriously, NOTHING else.  (Oh well, there was that story that she’d gotten a botched boob job and her aureola ended up in the center of her chest… but that’s just a rumor… or is it?)

You know what was more entertaining that this campy hot mess?  The fact that Syfy sent this dingbat out to promote the movie, including putting her on an actual science show to discuss whale sharks.

Has this been auto-tuned? Because it needs to be!

That means that the ‘Sharknado’ franchise is better at keeping its main talent better than ‘Jurassic Park’ or most of the ‘Batman’ franchise.  Think about that.

Here is the movie’s official synopsis:

A sharknado is set to hit New York City – but the city will have some major help in surviving the shark attack.

A sequel to the Syfy blockbuster TV movie “Sharknado” will begin filming in the Big Apple next month, and the Daily News can exclusively report that Ian Ziering and Tara Reid will reprise their roles as Fin and April for the follow-up flick, which caused a social media sensation when it aired last summer.

‘Sarknado’ was fun in a ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ type of way.  I wish I had had a dozen friends, fun snacks and beverages when I watched it.  But even alone, it was a campy mess.

There have been subsequent terrible Syfy horror movies, but for whatever reason, ‘Sharknado’ was lightning in a bottle.  (Even moreso than ‘Megapython Vs. Gateroid’ which starred 80s pop rivals Tiffany and Debbie Gibson!  I mean come on!  Are you not entertained?!)  Will the second live up to that?

Source: Uproxx