Now all the Deathstroke fans can come out of the woodwork and start asking important questions like: Why wouldn’t they include Deathstroke in the ‘Suicide Squad‘ movie in the first place? And you know what, I think I might agree with them.

Ok, so the newest ‘Suicide Squad’ rumor is that Deathstroke will be involved, although the story that is coming out about his role doesn’t quite seem like it fits his character. For years Deathstroke has been the #1 mercenary in DC Comics, with a badass reputation that has encouraged the use of the character across video games, TV Shows (including ‘Arrow‘ and ‘Smallville’) and more recently, put him on the roster of the new 52 Suicide Squad. But the rumor mill for this movie has Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke acting as Amanda Waller’s (Viola Davis) bodyguard, who she sends along with the squad to keep them in line. A bodyguard? That doesn’t seem quite right, although a focus group that has claimed to see images of what Deathstroke will look like say it’s the best Deathstroke they’ve ever seen, with a ‘realistic but tech-geared look.”

Other news to come out of the rumor mill include the fact that Harley Quinn might be the protagonist for the film, as she and the squad work to diffuse a number of bombs her estranged lover, the Joker, has spread around Gotham City. Combine that with rumors that the Joker is working with Lex Luthor, and a comment by a Warner Bros executive that the plot will be a”blend of action with a time sensitive conflict” (think ‘Speed’) and ‘Suicide Squad’ seems to be shaping up to be quite an action (and character) packed film, which might be just what the DC Cinematic Universe needs to launch a lot of their villains into the public’s eye and set up many more movies down the line.

Here’s hoping they don’t fall prey to the old ‘too many villains’ curse that brought down ‘Spider-man 3’ and ‘The Amazing Spider-man 2‘ (thought that might just be a Sony curse). We’ll find out when ‘Suicide Squad’ is released in August of 2016!

Source: Cinemablend