Between a switch up in director’s and vision, there are a slew of deleted scenes from ‘Justice League‘ and one of them showed Bruce Wayne trying to straight up buy information off of Aquaman. The image comes from ‘Justice League: The Art of the Film book’ and shows that when the Dark Knight initially went to recruit Arthur Curry, he offered $25,000 to talk to our fishy friend and even upped it to $30,000 if he could provide any information on the Mother Boxes.

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This is one of many deleted scenes I’m not sure would have been great to have in the movie and it is hard to tell if it was from Zack Snyder’s direction for the film or the added humor which they wanted Joss Whedon to add in when he took the reins. I could honestly see it either be Snyder’s constant misunderstanding of the character being used here or a shot that was played up for laughs by Whedon. Either way, viewers are likely the winner here with the scene having been cut.

Considering how much was from reshoots it wouldn’t surprise me if this was just another example of Snyder trying to play up the characters in a way that would have just ended up with groans from the audience. Not that I was thrilled with how quickly he revealed his secret identity as the Caped Crusader so shortly after the two ended up meeting, but this feels as if it would have strained the introduction even more than what we already ended up getting.

Do you think that this would have made a better or worse introduction to Batman and Aquaman meeting for the very first time? Will this be one of the deleted scenes which makes the home release? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Batman News