New concept art from the cancelled ‘Bioshock’ live-action film adaptation has surfaced once more for curious fans to take a gander at.

Concept artist Kasra Farahani, known for his work on ‘Thor’ and ‘Spider-Man 3’, designed various concept sets for the film. From the looks of the concept art below, it definitely looks like the project was aiming toward being very faithful to the source material with some spot-on representations of the ‘Big Daddy’ and ‘Little Sister’ characters amid the art-deco inspired underwater city of Rapture.

Announced in 2008, the live-action movie adaptation of the critically acclaimed videogame ‘Bioshock’ was to be directed by ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ director Gore Vebrinski with a screenplay to be written by ‘Penny Dreadful’ creator John Logan.

The film itself was to be made on a budget of $200 million and would have an R-rating. However, concerns over its budget as an R-Rated film had put the film on hold in April 2009.

In August 2009, Vebrinski dropped from directing duties due to Universal Studios’ decision to film overseas to keep the budget under control in order to take advantage of tax credits and favorable exchange rates. However, Vebrinski maintained a producing position instead while ’28 Weeks Later’ director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was brought on to direct with the film with the project even reaching its pre-production stage in January 2010.

However, with budget discussions between Vebrinski and Universal Studios causing constant disagreement, which also caused the project to get  a cheaper budget, ‘Bioshock’ series creative director Kevin Levine eventually pulled the plug on the project when Universal Studios gave him the final word. This was confirmed by Levine in March 2013 when he cited his decision to cancel was due to his feelings that the new director was not a good fit for the material and that the compromises that had to be made for the film adaptation were not worth it.

Regardless, with all that history out of the way, feel free to check out the art below!


Source: Comic Book MovieEurogamer