Ever since we were introduced to the legendary outlaw Star-Lord and his ragtag group of “losers” in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ this summer, True Believers around the world have been analyzing every scene of the Phase Two film with the utmost scrutiny. Cool cameos from Cosmo the Russian space dog and Howard the Duck to Easter eggs like Adam Warlock’s cocoon and soldiers of the Dark Elves and the Chitauri, fans have uncovered a number of cool things buried in the background of Marvel Studios’ latest feature film. But apparently there’s a big one that no one has figured out yet.

According to an interview with ComicBook.com, director James Gunn pointed out that as far as he knows, there is still a major Easter egg in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ that has still gone unnoticed. However, he doesn’t give us any hints:

“There’s definitely some things that people haven’t seen. There’s definitely one really big thing that people haven’t seen, but they may never see it — we’ll see. There’s other things, too. The other day, I posted on my Instagram a picture of the other guys going for the Infinity Stone in the temple of Morag and I didn’t see anybody bringing that up until just a couple of weeks ago. I do notice that people are noticing more things now that they’ve got the digital download. People are starting to see things that they didn’t notice in the theaters, even those people who saw it twenty times.”

The picture that he’s referring to features four figures surrounding the six Infinity Stones. While some have guessed that these four are the cosmic entities Death, Entropy, Infinity, and Eternity, who have been credited with creating the gems in some stories, others might say that they are representative of four alien races who have come in contact with the stones or that it’s actually a prophecy foreshadowing four beings that come to wage war over the stones, which could potentially occur in the two-part Phase Three epic ‘The Avengers: Infinity War.’ Form your own theories by checking out the picture below from Gunn’s Instagram:

But while you’re pondering the meaning behind this scene from the Temple of Morag, what do you think the remaining ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Easter egg is? Is it a cameo that hasn’t been correctly identified? Was there an item that was overlooked in the Collector’s museum? And is Gunn keeping mum on it because it has ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ implications? Let us know your thoughts and guesses in the comment section.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ starring Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, and Bradley Cooper is available of Blu-Ray and DVD on December 9, 2014.