With ‘The Flash‘ about to have a team up with ‘Arrow‘ tonight, we’re hearing a little more about the future inclusion of Firestorm the Nuclear Man who is being played by Robbie Amell (‘The Tomorrow People’). In the series we’ll see Amell starting off as his heroic self once again just before the show reaches the mid-season finale that has become so popular in television series over the past few years much to fans’ disdain. While we may be annoyed about the season being split it up, it sounds like fans won’t be annoyed about what Amell will be bringing to the small screen. I do have to wonder though if this could also somehow end up making more sense with the rumored ‘Supergirl‘ crossover.

When Amell returns as Ronnie Raymond we aren’t going to be seeing too much of a heroic portion of Firestorm right off the bat that we saw as he sacrificed his life to help save those who were at S.T.A.R. Labs when a particle accelerator blew up. The explosion didn’t kill him and while he now has quite a few new fun super powers he’ll be returning as “schizophrenic, confused, and dangerous” to both himself and others.

Here’s exactly what Amell has to say on the matter.

“I look ridiculous when you see me next. Most people probably won’t even recognize me for at least a couple of seconds when they see my character return. But you’ll know it’s Firestorm shortly after.

I hate wearing wigs… My friend sent me a picture of Tom Cruise from Rock of Ages when he saw a picture of it on me, so it’s pretty good. But even worse than that is the fake facial hair because I can’t grow mine at all. I get a neck beard, I can’t grow the cheeks in.”

So that’s an idea of what he’ll be looking like. So why is he going to be mentally out of it? Well, there’s a bit of a spoiler to that for non-comic readers and if you don’t want to know you should probably turn back now.

Still here?

Well, in the comics we saw that when Firestorm went through a similar ordeal his mind was merged with that of Dr. Martin Stein which is most likely what will cause the mental issues here. Mix that up with nuclear energy pouring out of his body before they either have him learn to control it or give him a suit to allow that to happen and that will explain why in the scene he returns in we’ll be seeing it look as if “all hell broke loose.”

Are you excited to see Firestorm join Flash on the small screen? Do you think we’re being setup for another super hero show down the line or will he be helping out in the capacity that Arrow’s multitude of sidekicks are now doing as well?

Source: Screen Rant