‘Good Morning America’ has the scoop this week (full clip below), revealing exclusive information from an unknown source about the teaser trailer for ‘Star War: The Force Awakens‘ which was released last week. Being that GMA is owned by the same company that is releasing the epic new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy, odds are good that their source is reliable, and potentially from the higher ups of the Disney company.

First off, they discussed the fan speculation on who voiced the ominous narration that permeates the trailer. While some guessed it was Benedict Cumberbatch or Max Von Sydow (both of whom have ties to the production), GMA revealed the voice was actually that of Andy Serkis (‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy), the actor made famous by his wonderful turn as “Gollum” in Peter Jackson’s franchise. By the voice alone, one cannot help but be very excited by the contribution Serkis will have to the galaxy far, far away.

More exciting to a lot of fans, is information regarding the lightsaber sound effect heard right as the trailer ends. GMA revealed that the lightsaber noise is the same one as Luke Skywalker’s original blue lightsaber seen in ‘Star Wars: A New Hope.’ What could that mean for the new trilogy? Could someone have found that original lightsaber that Luke lost on Cloud City during the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ ? Does that also mean they found Luke’s severed hand? With all the cloning technology in that universe, could the villain of the new trilogy be a clone of Luke wielding his old lightsaber? You can see why fans are in a tizzy about the information.

Either way, it is amazing to see the attention given to every detail of the trailer, and to see the over 40 million views on the trailer in the first 72 hours, confirming yet again the love for ‘Star Wars’ in our culture. Here’s hoping for more news and trailers as we count down the year till ‘The Force Awaken” in December 2015.