We’ve been hearing since 2014 that a new ‘Farscape‘ film could be in the works and now creator Brian Henson has shared an update. This isn’t one that should get your hopes up on something new being put into production shortly though. The last update we had heard about the movie moving forward was at Dragon Con two years ago where Henson had confirmed that a film was still being looked into, he still says it is! Though, the idea may have evolved into a mini-series.

Here is what Henson shared at the 2018 Creature Chop Challenge at Dragon Con this year:

“The fan interest has been huge, but it’s a little harder to sell. BUT- I’ve been trying to make it as a movie for a long time, and everybody is tired- ok I’m tired- of hearing me say that I really want to make a feature film of Farscape. I’m just coming off of making this movie [The Happytime Murders], and it really took all of my attention for 16 months. I’m reconsidering that, and it may be that the movie length is too short to tell the story.
So that might mean, I may consider doing something on tv instead. Sort of exactly like what we’re doing in London right now with Dark Crystal.”

With ‘The Power of the Dark Crystal‘ being a 10-part series that is a complete story as many shows are doing these days, it is something that fans could get behind. A longer story would be so much more fun than just a single movie. Henson does confirm that they are still trying to make ‘Farscape’ as a movie, but he isn’t sure if the plot they have can be trimmed down enough to make it happen and still deliver what he’d like audiences to see:

“So there is the potential of doing something like that with Farscape. Honestly? I’m still very enthusiastic about Farscape, and I have been trying to make it into a movie, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to succeed.”

If a movie doesn’t work out, hopefully working on ‘The Power of the Dark Crystal’ with Netflix could lead to a production and distribution deal for creating the idea in a more extended format.

Let’s be honest; most audiences would likely prefer that anyway.

Are you excited to hear that ‘Farscape’ hasn’t hit a complete dead end and is still in development? Would you prefer a single movie to bring the franchise back to life or a mini-series to flesh things out? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Bleeding Cool