With ‘Terminator: Genisys’ already in production it was only a matter of time before we would see a shot of Arnold Schwarzenegger (‘Running Man‘,’The Expendables 3’) as an aged T-800 and that time has come! Most of the early shots from the film have shown off the rest of the cast but honestly it’s been Schwarzenegger that those of us who can hope that this movie will be good have been waiting for and now we get to see him in all of his robotic glory!

Recently, a fan site for the actor has released an image that is reported to be from a poster that is hanging in Paramount Studios “in a dark corner of the studio.” This image shows a pretty beat up Arnold.

Are you ready to check out the new look?

Now, before I get ahead of myself the site, “The Arnold Fans” has also previously released a promotional image from ‘King Conan: The Legend of Conan‘ which turned out to be a fake. So as positive or negative as your reaction may be, I wouldn’t be too excited until we find out if this is the actual look or not.

That being said, of all of the imagery for the new film most of it has had a focus on the new cast and updated look. This particular image hearkens back to the old Terminator promotional images that had the T800 by itself against a black screen. Is this a ploy to grab the attention of older fans or can the argument be made that an older fan is responsible for this being done in Photoshop.

Will we see this as the future of The Terminator in a film that is set in modern times or do you think he’ll have a slightly different look when things finally end up showing up in the officially released imagery? Share your thoughts below!

‘Terminator: Genesis’ is scheduled to be released on July 1st, 2015.

Source: Screen Rant