Marvel’s President Kevin Feige made waves by announcing the studio’s third wave of films, which includes several sequels as well as starring features for Black Panther, the studio’s first black headliner and Captain Marvel, the first solo female hero to star in her own movie.  Among these, look forward to a third ‘Thor’ subtitled ‘Ragnarok’ and a movie featuring ‘The Inhumans‘.

It’s no surprise that Chris Hemsworth will get a third solo outing as Thor, the mythological god of thunder.  It seems every major franchise is set up as a trilogy at the least and Iron Man has already had three solo features in addition to the ‘Avengers’ movies and Captain America will undoubtedly also get a third.

Feige expressed: “This is a very important movie for us in Phase 3.  We plan on taking Thor to another level. It picks up where we leave Thor in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and impacts everything that comes after.”

‘Ragnarok’ refers to the legendary ‘Twilight of the Gods’ which reportedly wiped out the classic gods of Asgard, setting up the modern age.  The story was adapted by Walt Simonson in the ‘Thor’ comic book, pitting Thor and his allies against fire god Surtur.

“What we’ll do between now and the release date is educate the rest of the world on what that word Ragnarok means,” Feige stated.  The third film, he promised, would “Take Thor to another level of his own franchise.”

As for the Inhumans?  The characters have starred in their own comics from time to time, but have mostly served as supporting characters.  Lately, however, because Fox holds the rights to the X-Men and by extension Marvel’s “mutant” characters, the publisher has been pushing the Inhumans as more of a stand-in for those characters, by spreading the “Inhuman” condition to more people.

But traditionally, ‘The Inhumans’ has focused on the royal family: the stoic Black Bolt, whose voice can shatter mountains; his wife Medusa, who has tactile hair; her sister Crystal, who can control earth, fire, wind and water; Karnak, a martial arts expert; Gorgon, who has powerful hooves for feet; the amphibious Triton, who can breath on both land and underwater; and Lockjaw, who looks like a giant bulldog and can teleport both himself and others.  By extension, the Avenger Quicksilver is part of the family, as he eventually married Crystal and they had a baby named Luna.

Though ‘The Inhumans’ aren’t the biggest stars in the Marvel Universe… neither were the Guardians of the Galaxy and that was a runaway success.

What do you think?  Which upcoming Marvel movies are you most looking forward to?

Source: Slash Film