Building up the anticipation for the mid-season premiere, the creative force behind ‘The Flash’ are preparing the audience for the upcoming twists and turns by releasing tantalizing bits of information about upcoming storylines on the show. First off, they have let it slip that we will be seeing the return of Barry’s season one nemesis, Eobard Thawne aka The Reverse Flash, in an episode appropriately enough titled ‘The Reverse Flash Returns.’ The big question is whether or not this would be the Earth-2 version of the villain, or if it actually is the Eobard Thawne we learned to love/hate in Season 1 (which would, of course, need some explanation as the Earth 1 Eobard Thawne had been erased from existence when his ancestor Eddie Thawne shot himself in the heart). If it is the Earth-1 Eobard, it would also help explain why Barry’s mom still got killed by the Reverse Flash if all versions of the villain were erased when Eddie Thawne shot himself, a nagging question I’ve had since the end of Season 1. Fortunately, we have learned that the showrunners have confirmed that this is indeed the Earth-1 Eobard Thawne, albeit one younger than the version we saw from last season, meaning before he got intimately involved in Barry’s affairs.

According to a recent EW interview, executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg had the following to say on the matter.

“Sometimes you’ve seen events from one direction and then you start to see them from the other. This Reverse-Flash is not exactly the Reverse-Flash that we saw disintegrate at the end of the year. It’s a Reverse-Flash from an earlier timeline. It’s not the Earth Two Reverse-Flash, it’s the Reverse-Flash. That is, hands down, one of our best episodes.”

Also released by EW are some amazing images of the long-teased Killer Frost and Deathstorm, both Earth-2 versions of characters we know, Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond, who are due to appear on the show in the coming months. Fans have been very excited to see Caitlin as Killer Frost ever since Barry’s vision of her during his time-travel at the end of the first season, and it will be intriguing to know whether the Caitlin of Earth-1 is still bound for that dark destiny, or whether Barry’s vision was only ever of Killer Frost of Earth-2. Check out all the pictures of the diabolical duo below!




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Source: Screen Rant, Cinemablend