With Warner Brothers having just announced their cinematic lineup through 2020, we found out that a ‘Suicide Squad’ film is actually on target to be released next year and will be directed by David Ayers! While that is exciting enough, we now have a few names that the studio has shortlisted to be in this film.

So who is on this initial casting list? Well it seems as if Ryan Gosling (‘Drive’,’Stay’), Margot Robbie (‘The Wold of Wall Street’, ‘Tazan’), Will Smith (‘Men in Black‘,‘I Am Legend’), and Tom Hardy (‘Inception‘,’The Dark Knight Rises‘) all now have offers on the table to be a part of the film.

While we’re not sure which villains are even in the movie at this point, the central four members of the Suicide Squad rumored to be are Amanda Waller, Deadshot, Harkness, and the ex-‘Justice League’ member Vixen who ended up joining the team to get help tracking someone down.

What is interesting about Ryan Gosling being on this list is he has long been opposed to being part of a franchise and now seems to be seriously considering it. His name is being thrown about for ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Houdini’, and apparently even ‘Doctor Strange‘ even though is wasn’t mentioned in the short list of who Marvel is interested in casting. Margot Robbie was originally in talks to star in the big screen adaptation of the Japanese comic ‘Ghost in the Shell,’ but negotiations fell through and she is now available for this project.

At the time of this posting, Smith and Hardy are said to be close to signing a deal to star.

While Marvel in the past seems to have gone with little known actors playing their superheros, DC is obviously going for the A-list names in hopes to bring fans into the movie theaters. Keep checking back here as we’ll be keeping you updated on this story!

In the meantime, which of these actors would you like to see have a role in the upcoming ‘Suicide Squad’ film? Is there any specific role who you’d like to see any of them in?

Source: Slash Film