Since New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics has been coming out with some massive announcements that call back to the company’s 75-year history. First, it all started with ‘Secret Wars’ by Jonathan Hickman. Then, the House of Ideas teased a return to Mark Millar’s ‘Civil War’ with an image featuring Iron Man and Captain America playing tug-o-war with Spider-Man. Now, they’re actually hinting at a few more crossover events making comebacks, but probably not in the ways that you’re thinking.

In a few more wordless press releases from Marvel, we received two more teaser images with the phrase “Summer 2015” on them. The first one appears to be an unlikely mash up called ‘Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies’. With artwork provided by Carlos Pacheco, Brian Michael Bendis’ 2013 event featuring one of the Avengers’ greatest foes looks like it will be cross paths with Robert Kirkman’s 2005 limited series that spawned several undead sequels:

Following that announcement came an image by Art Adams for ‘Years of Future Past’, which obviously alludes to a continuation of the seminal 1981 storyline that served as the inspiration for Fox’s most recent mutant major motion picture, ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’:

Considering all the time and inter-dimensional travel going on these days, it’s probably a safe bet to say that all these teasers are connected. After all, they are all scheduled for summer 2015. Plus, as True Believers have been hearing a lot recently, “In eight months, time runs out.” At New York Comic Con, Tom Brevoort made sure to emphasize that time will run out for everyone in the Marvel Universe and this was backed up by the first promotional image for ‘Secret Wars’ that debuted last week, which features multiple versions of our favorite heroes from all over the multi-verse, so these strange and unexpected titles being announced for next summer will probably play a part in time running out for those storylines.

We could spend articles upon articles speculating about these teasers, but chances are that we’ll be getting a few more before this week is done. So, before the next one comes out, what do you think about ‘Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies’ and ‘Years of Future Past’? What other Marvel crossover events do you want to see reemerge in summer 2015? Sound off in the comments below.