Burt is back as we see Michael Gross take on his iconic B-Movie horror role for the upcoming release of ‘Tremors 5‘! Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has officially kicked things off in South Africa as the latest sequel has started in on principal photography and gives us Gross’s character running from something. I’m going to put my money on a Graboid of some sort.

Aside from Gross, we will also see him join up with Jamie Kennedy (‘Scream’, ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’) for the film. Personally I enjoy the fact that we’re seeing Kennedy in another horror film as he made such a great impression in the ‘Scream’ series that I had always hoped he would get more leading roles in the genre.

I’m sure it isn’t surprising when I say that ‘Tremors 5’ is coming straight to Blu-Ray Hi-Def, DVD and Digital HD when it finally gets released in 2016. No specific release date has been announced at this time.

Fans of the original movie will remember the Graboids but we’ve also seen an evolution of these monsters known as the ‘Ass Blasters’ that morphed from the original giant man eating worms. While both species are going to be popping up to attack our unlikely heroes, it appears that the stakes are going to be raised even higher this time around.

According to General Manager and Executive Vice President, Universal 1440 Entertainment, Glenn Ross, “The Tremors franchise has built a reputation for high intensity fun and suspense and this installment takes it to a whole new level.”

I wonder if that whole new level means a new mutation of evolution of the species is at hand. I really hope that Universal throws production money at the film as the first one was a lot of fun and while the sequels didn’t get the wide distribution that it deserved, there is still a lot of potential with the concept.

What do you think of the return of ‘Tremors‘ to the small screen? Are you excited for it or are you so behind that you’ll probably pass on checking it out?

Source: Shock Till You Drop