We pickup right where ‘Magneto’ #9 left off with Magneto having been captured by the Red Skull and all hope seeming lost for this once great master of Magnetism. While we were already told the start of what happens here if you have been following the ‘Uncanny Avengers’ lets see how much more we get from this issue!

First off, Bunn brings out Magneto’s pain and cunning together to perfection here. While I felt some of the flashbacks weren’t perfect in the last issue, this one changed that up completely. The memories we travelled through fit the story and moved it forward fluidly. It allowed for the Red Skull to have a creative way to attack Magneto without putting the two against each other directly and on top of that shows us where much of his strength truly comes from.

Speaking of the Skull, on the art end of things Gabriel Hernandez Walta has him looking terrifying on page. Also the illustrations remind us how the Red Skull and Magneto are so perfect to pit against one another with the Magneto’s hatred for those who committed genocide against his friends and family while Magneto is the of the species that the Skull is using as a scapegoat for his latest attempt at world domination.

Not only all of that, but things are left with anyone who has been following the series dying to know what happens next.

I’m going to rewind to the flashbacks for a moment. Unlike the previous issue we aren’t just given the events of the concentration camp that Magneto found himself in during World War II. While that is of course a part of it we also see Magneto’s children come into the mix, the loss of another child, and his love for Rogue all get brought up and the Skull uses Xavier’s powers against him in memories of his own past. Of course Magneto is no stranger to mental manipulation and even without his infamous helmet, he is able to keep the attacks from getting too personal. When one of his tormentors are trying to physically keep him beaten they soon find out all too painfully that Magneto might be down but he’s not out.

Also right near the end we lead directly into the events of the most recent ‘Uncanny Avengers’ that show how he is able to truly get away. It pays to have a little help from your friends. Though who shows up to help him are a great combination.  They are the last two you would expect to see show up and save the day.

Overall I had a HUGE complaint last issue and the cliffhanger on this one not only addressed it but promised that we are in store for something good. Not just good, but potentially great! I know that this coming AXIS event will be going on for quite some time and isn’t about to resolved with the events of the next installment of the book but damned if I’m not excited to see what happens. I’m itching for more!


Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Gabriel Hernandez Walta