Ben Affleck Officially Steps Down As Batman

And now we come to the end of it. Years of rumors, back and forth, “will he, won’t he,” and now we finally have an answer to the big question of the DCEU: Will Ben Affleck return to play Bruce Wayne/ Batman in the new standalone film? Sadly (or maybe not), it seems he will not be. According to a new announcement made this week from “Deadline Hollywood’s Twitter account, ‘The Batman’ is going to premiere in Summer of 2021 with a brand new actor in the role of Batman. And to confirm the story, Ben Affleck himself retweeted the story:


And just to be ABSOLUTELY sure this time, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed with Affleck that he is out, with the actor stating that the tweet was him “saying goodbye to the role.” So that’s that, Affleck is officially out, and kept us waiting and guessing all this time, for what appears to be no good reason. Ah well, in Affleck’s defense, he never had very good scripts or materials to work with, so there was no reason for him to stick around, and with Zack Snyder out, the vision of an older, grizzly Batman just does not make sense anymore. What does make sense is to get a younger actor in to play the role who can continue to work in the DCEU for a good number of movies before he has to retire. Who exactly that actor will be has yet to be decided, but with a release date of 2021, Warner Bros and DC are sure to be working on that very question right now. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about their prospective Batman soon enough.

What are your thoughts on Affleck being out o the role? Do you have any top picks for the new Batman? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!