Barry Allen has found himself trapped in a new world and everyone he knows is different. He doesn’t have his powers and is about the have the weirdest conversation ever with Batman… Dr. Thomas Wayne.

Before we get to Barry Allen and Dr. Thomas Wayne, we are finally treated to the character I was most looking forward to meeting in the Flashpoint Universe… the “dread” Pirate Deathstroke! He is leading a rag tag group of villains who sail too far inland to the submerged city of Paris. Of course they run into Emperor Aquaman and Ocean Master with one rule… no survivors. What a great way to be introduced to Emperor Aquaman. I can wait for his tie-in to start and learn more about the Atlanteans of Flashpoint.

Ok, back to Gotham City where Barry and Thomas are having a “chat”. By chat, I mean Thomas is attempting to break Barry in two while he tries to find out who he is and how he knows about the Batman and Batcave. Having lost his wife and son, Thomas Wayne is a more brutal Batman than Bruce ever imagined being. He puts Barry through such a ringer that he triggers Barry’s memories to begin changing and assimilating to the new timeline.

Barry decides to tell Thomas he is the Flash (even though he is currently powerless), by showing off his fancy Flash uniform stashed inside his Flash Ring. Of course when the suit comes out it is not Barry’s Flash costume, but Eobard Thawne’s Reverse Flash costume. Think of it as a middle finger salute from a man who can change history at a whim.

Thomas finally asks Barry the $25,000 question… why did he call him Bruce at the end of Flashpoint #1? Once Barry tells Thomas, Bruce lived, Thomas Wayne jumps on board to help get the Flash back up and running before his memories change and he forget’s everything he ever knew.

Our next stop in the new World of Flashpoint is London, aka New Themyscira. This is where Wonder Woman and her Amazon sisters are battling it out with Colonel Steve Trevor on the hunt for an Amazon embedded Lois Lane. Here we get to see the Lasso of Truth, and some good old fashioned interrogation by Wonder Woman as she attempts to find out where Lois Lane is hiding. This was another great introduction to one of the two main “supers” in the world of Flashpoint. Diana as a warrior princess even Xena would be scared of is a great thing for Wonder Woman fans.

This issue closes out with Barry Allen and Thomas Wayne attempting to recreate the “accident” that turned Barry into the Flash. Were they successful? You’ll have to pick up the latest issue of Flashpoint to find out. Of course that means I’m suggesting you pick this book up. The Geoff Johns’ writing is once again top notch and Andy Kubert’s artwork is as solid as ever (especially his cover, seen above). I’m pretty excited to see this story continue and can’t wait for Flashpoint #3… The Search for Superman?

Want to know more about the World of Flashpoint; here is the new map of the world: