In 1982, the world was blessed with the introduction of David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight on the classic series ‘Knight Rider,’ which ran until 1986.  Michael Knight battled evil-doers with the assistance of his talking robotic Trans Am named KITT.  (Only in the 80s…)  The Hoff has become a pop culture phenomenon and is parlaying his notoriety into a new comedy movie, playing himself in what may be called ‘Killing Hasselhoff’ or ‘Celebrity Death Pool.’  The film is directed by Darren Grant and centers on a man who hires a hit man to kill Hasselhoff.

But the real jaw-dropper is who will be providing the voice of Hasselhoff’s former co-star KITT.  In the original, KITT was voiced by elegant William Daniels, although he wasn’t credited.  (KITT was actually listed as playing himself.)  But in the new version, the famous car will be voiced by… Justin Bieber.

Here’s what Hasselhoff said about the strange casting:

‘He called me and asked me for a favor and I called him back and said, ‘Can you do me a favour?’ and he said, ‘Yes’  I did his favor first because I love the Bieb. I think he’s a cool kid and he gets a bad rap. He’s a good guy and I like his music, I’ve known him for five years.’

(Because David Hasselhoff is the expert when it comes to good music.)

Fellow co-star Ken Jeong added:

‘Justin couldn’t have been more kind or accommodating. He was just so generous with his time, and nailed the scene.’

The ‘Boyfriend’ singer knows a thing or two about fast cars, as he’s notorious for owning several himself and was arrested in January for drag racing in Miami.

Bieber will also contribute a song and music video for the movie, which also features Hulk Hogan, Jon Lovitz and Jim Jeffries.  He previously scored a hit with the theme song to another 80s remake ‘The Karate Kid,’, ‘Never Say Never’.

Man this sounds worse than ‘Sharknado.’ I can’t wait to not buy it when it goes straight-to-video… for like $5.

What do you think?  Does it sound like campy fun?  Or a two-hour torture session?

Source: Daily Mail UK