Recently, we’ve been catching some glimpses at some things here and there from the ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ set, including a new x-wing, various creatures, and the iconic Millennium Falcon. But now a new report says that we could be seeing an array of other elements from the upcoming J.J. Abrams film in the new Disney XD show ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ which premieres next month.

According to Entertainment Weekly, ‘Rebels’ executive producer and ‘Episode VII’ creative consultant Simon Kinberg indicates that we could see ships, locations, characters, and weapons in the latest ‘Star Wars’ animated series that could appear in the new trilogy:

“It’s a very integrated process, there’s real communication between all the filmmakers because we’re all part of a larger timeline. There is absolutely communication and integration between the different stories. We are very aware of what they’re doing in VII, and we also have to click into place with Episode IV.”

Though the events of the series take place before ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope’, the idea is that Disney is looking to align their new projects with the established ‘Star Wars’ canon that is already in place. As the report says, this approach to the various shows, games, books, comics, and movies in development right now will see that “the brand’s world-building will continue in a cohesive and consistent manner”.

At the moment, we don’t know for sure which elements will make the jump from Disney XD to the big screen in 2015, but as we ponder whether or not Sabine Wren, the ship called Ghost, or the plucky droid Chopper will be in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’, here are some new pictures from the new animated series:

What do you think about potentially seeing some pieces of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ in ‘Star Wars Rebels’? Though we haven’t seen any episodes yet, are there any aspects that you’ve seen in previews that you hope will make the transition from animation to live action? Let us know in the comments below.

‘Star Wars Rebels’ starring Freddie Prinze Jr., Taylor Gray, Steve Blum, and Vanessa Marshall premieres as a one-hour special on October 3rd on the Disney Channel before starting it’s season on Disney XD on October 13th.