Warner Brothers’ ‘Sully’ scored big, taking in $35.5 million over the weekend.  The biopic was directed by Clint Eastwood and stars Tom Hanks, both delivering what they do best, and as a result has landed great reviews and strong reaction from audiences.  With a budget of $65M, it needs to continue performing, but with the anniversary of 9/11, people seem particularly keen on watching the story of a true American hero.  And the fact that it mainly appeals to older filmgoers means that it should have legs, since that audience doesn’t feel the need to rush out and see a movie on opening weekend.

Sony/Screen Gems’ thriller ‘When The Bough Breaks’ took a bow, opening at $15M, above Sony’s predictions of closer to $10M.  On a budget of $10M, the film is already in the black.

Sony’s president of worldwide marketing and distribution, Josh Greenstein stated:

“Anytime you can open higher than your production budget, it’s a good weekend.  It’s another in a streak of profitable films for us. The core female audience turned out, and we’re hoping that with not a lot of offerings out there, it will have a good multiple.”

‘When The Bough Breaks’ stars Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall.  It didn’t open to the same numbers as Sony’s African American thriller from the same time last year, ‘The Perfect Guy’ which opened to $25.9M.  But even so, it’s a win.

Well-reviewed thriller ‘Don’t Breathe’ is still hanging in at #3 taking in an additional $7.8-$8M.  Also still lingering in the Top Five is ‘Suicide Squad’ which earned an additional $5.65M.

Rounding out the Top Five is Lionsgate’s animated ‘The Wild Life’.  Unfortunately, as has been the case with ‘Pete’s Dragon’ and ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ the family audience is busy with the new school year and all that comes along with that and aren’t turning out in droves for new movies.  ‘The Wild Life’ only drew $3M.

And the fact that the top three movies are thrillers apparently spelled doom for ‘The Disappointments Room’ starring Kate Beckinsale.  There were only so many chills to go around and this one flopped with a “disappointing” $1.4M.

  1. Sully (Warner Brothers) – $35.58M
  2. When The Bough Breaks (Sony) – $14.8-$15m
  3. Don’t Breathe (Sony) – $7.8-$8M
  4. Suicide Squad (Warner Brothers) – $5.65M
  5. The Wild Life (Lionsgate) – $3.3M

Next week sees a few new entries that could make a splash.  There hasn’t been much for the older female audience, except ‘Bad Moms’ which crossed demographics to become a surprise hit.  ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby’ could appeal to the same market.  With Halloween approaching, ‘Blair Witch’ could find an audience, but it hasn’t been a good year for sequels to movies over ten years old.  But with a tiny budget, it doesn’t have to be a huge smash to make a profit.  And Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ could appeal to older filmgoers… unless they keep turning out for ‘Sully’.

Check back and see how they do.

Source: Deadline