All across the net, people are making the same basic theories about who the mysterious “Missy” is in the current series of ‘Doctor Who.’ Some have been saying “Missy” means “Mistress,” and that she is the Master in a new female incarnation. Others have speculated she is the Rani, the classic Who female version of the Master.

I submit that she is none other than The Doctor “herself.”

The clues:

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and it’s about time I did something about that.”

This was a quote from the Doctor near the end of ‘Deep Breath‘ to Clara.

Now let’s examine who this “Missy” has saved and brought to “Heaven”: The half faced man and the female soldier who sacrificed herself near the end of ‘Into The Dalek.’

We never actually witnessed either of them “die.” Sure, we saw what looked like the half faced man impaled on the top of a church, but he was a cyborg! The female soldier screams and suddenly is with Missy. Death? Or teleportation?

We know from the episode “Bad Wolf,” the series 1, 2005 episode with the game show, that one can trick people by teleporting them as they appear to “vaporize.” What if Missy was saving people who DID die because of the Doctor… in one timeline?

“I like his new accent, I think i’ll keep it”. This is a quote Missy said about the Doctor in ‘Deep Breath.’

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and it’s about time I did something about that.”

Missy/Mistakes? I believe the Doctor IS doing something about it… a future Doctor. Or a “possible” future Doctor, such as the Valeyard was.

The BBC have hinted for a long time that a female Doctor is inevitable. What better way to test the feels of fan reaction by planting the suggestion that he indeed “could” become female one day through Missy? They certainly can back out by regeneration, so it is a short or long term gamble, and if Missy is a “possible” Doctor like the Valeyard was, she isn’t “fixed” as an incarnation to worry about later.

I think whatever or whoever she turns out to be, Moffat has set the stage for something hopefully very intriguing.

Also, could the Promised Land be Gallifrey? Or something else?

Time will tell.


About the author:
George Silsby is the creator/producer/writer of the audio drama ‘Star Trek Starfinder‘ and has authored and sold many other audio drama works within the genre.