J.J. Abrams Is Bringing 'They Both Die At The End' To HBO!

J.J. Abrams looks to be adding another television show to his Bad Robot banner as he is working to bring the science fiction comedy novel ‘They Both Die at the End’ to HBO! The novel was penned by Adam Silvera and the upcoming series is being brought forth by Warner Bros. TV where Bad Robot has a current overall deal.

While a showrunner hasn’t been selected quite yet, Chris Kelly (‘The Other Two’) will serve as the show’s writer and executive producer. Abrams and head of television Ben Stephenson are also on board as an executive producer with Rachel Rusch is set to co-exec produce.

The series would be half-hour episodes and takes places in the near future where everyone on the planet receives a bureaucratic phone call notifying them at the start of their last day on Earth. The book follows two teenage boys who were strangers at the beginning of the day but thanks to an app called “Last Friend” they were able to find one another and have one last great day before the end comes. In their adventures, they managed to bring together “a seemingly disparate group of people as they live their scary, funny, weird, hopeful, romantic and unexpected final hours.”

If the deal fully goes through and we see it end up as a series on HBO, it would be the third show that Bad Robot has slated for the network as ‘Westworld‘ is still running and both ‘Lovecraft Country‘ and ‘Demimonde‘ are in various stages of production. On top of this, Bad Robot is also responsible for ‘Castle Rock‘ on Hulu, ‘Little Voice’ for Apple’s platform, and ‘My Glory Was I Had Such Friends’ which is still being plotted out and will have Abrams working once more with Jennifer Garner.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘They Both Die at the End’? If you’ve read the book who would you like to see star in the two leading roles? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter