Arrow As We Know It Ended With Season 7

At the TCA press conference, ‘Arrow’ executive producer Marc Guggenheim discussed the end of the superhero show that launched a whole universe on The CW.

“We didn’t want to be that show that stays too long at the party.”

Fellow EP Beth Schwartz added, “The show as people have understood it, I think it ended in our Season 7 finale.” She described the final ten episodes as a “greatest hits” collection with frequent returning guests, “tying up stories you could have seen in Season 2 or 3… [They are] fundamentally different. The episodes are events.”

Although they couldn’t divulge details, Guggenheim stated that “Episode 9 is very specific, we know exactly what happens in it” and that episode 10 is “a proper series finale.”


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It has been confirmed that Colin Donnell will reprise his role as Tommy Merlyn, who died in the Season 1 finale.  Susanna Thompson is also returning as Moira Queen, who was killed off in the Season 2 episode “Seeing Red,” as is Josh Segarra, as the original Prometheus, Adrian Chase, who was the main villain in Season 5.

Another fan favorite that will be back in the season premiere is the infamous salmon ladder, the workout device that gave star Stephen Amell those abs of steel that were showcased prominently in early episodes.

Amell joked:

“I’m taking it.  I need one for my backyard to stay in shape… The salmon ladder was something that [director] David Nutter saw when I was working out at a Tempest Freerunning, out in deep in the Valley out here.  David got on the phone with the gym and was talking about what they had there, and he mentioned the salmon ladder, and so they just built one. That was it. It was a happy accident and I’m glad that we bring it back for the season premiere.”

‘Arrow’ will return for its eighth and final season on Tuesday, October 15.


Source: Deadline