Recently we heard that ‘Underworld 5′ would be a reboot of the series, but word has it that the film will actually be continuing in the same world that we’ve been given but this time without Kate Beckinsale (Whiteout,’ Vacancy’) back in the role as Selena. Instead, it looks like Theo James (‘Divergent‘,’Underworld: Awakening‘) will be returning as David and will be taking the lead reins in this sequel.

Looking further into this, there is currently a title of ‘Underworld: Next Generation’ listed on IMDB though I haven’t seen any other word that lists this as the official name. So that being the case, you can take the title with a grain of salt until it is officially included in any of the press releases about casting or other details from the film.

So it seems we’re seeing an offshoot of the series and not a direct continuation or a reboot. I might be willing to live with that, though it really depends on further casting. While the ‘Underworld’ films haven’t always focused on just Selena, they always have had a strong central female character and I think that has set them apart from other similar films in the action horror genre. It has been a winning formula and I truly hope that Lakeshore Entertainment continues using it. Honestly, having a strong woman is part of what has made these films so successful.

We won’t know much more about casting quite yet, but it shouldn’t take long as they are set to begin filming the movie next Spring. It looks as if Cory Goodman (‘Priest‘, ‘The Last Witch Hunter’) is set to write the script and Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi are on board to produce. No word on a director quite yet.

Are you looking forward to a fifth ‘Underworld’ movie? Do you think switching to a traditional male hero for the lead is a good idea or will it harm the series if they don’t include any strong women as well? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter