Stan Lee, the co-creator of some of Marvel’s most famous heroes, tends to pop up in Easter Egg-ish cameos in films based on their properties.  In the past, he tended to stick to appearing in movies that starred characters he has a hand in creating, but despite having nothing to do with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, “The Man” was coaxed into making a brief appearance as a man on the planet Xandar, flanked by two much younger women, furthering his reputation for kind of being the Hugh Hefner of comic books.

However at this year’s Dragon Con,  the movie’s director, James Gunn, revealed he originally had different plans for Lee’s cameo.  Initially, the director wanted Lee to appear as part of The Collector’s collection, like Howard the Duck, who appeared in the post-credits sequence.  In Gunn’s original vision, Lee would have been in a capsule of sorts and would have been seen by Groot.  Then Lee would have flipped the bird at the walking tree!

Well, Marvel’s parent company, Disney apparently nixed that concept, even though Chris Pratt’s character Star-Lord uses that same gesture in the final movie.  (Maybe there’s a maximum quota on obscene hand gestures?)

So instead we got the brief cameo that made it into the final film.

What do you think would have been better?  The originally planned bird-flip?  Or are you happy with the “playboy” cameo that made it into the film?