As a huge fan of the comic I really hope that this rumor that Amazon is bringing back ‘The Tick’ for new episodes is true! Thanks to the holiday weekend, no one has been able to verify with Fox and Amazon if they have in fact inked a deal to bring the live-action series back to the small screen. However, if it is true we will finally get more of Ben Edlund’s ‘The Tick’ and it sounds like Patrick Warburton (‘Ted’, ‘Family Guy’) is also back on board to reprise his role as the central character!

While the original show only ran 9 episodes, rumor has it that this revival has Warburton already “recently inked a deal with Amazon and Sony to reprise his role, with Edlund producing and writing.”

The original creator on board for writing? The actor who fit so perfectly back to play this comedic take on superheroes? I’d be curious to really see what they can do without Fox interfering with production.

The show has the potential to be a smashing success now that superhero movies and television shows are finally all the rage. Let’s be honest, when it was originally released pop culture hadn’t yet embraced comic book themes as they do today. Now is the perfect time to see it once again!

Are you happy to hear that ‘The Tick’ might be making a comeback? Do you want them to do a full reboot or find a way to re-air the originals and continue from there?.

Original Series Synopsis:

In the title role, Warburton (with highly expressive antennae) hits all the right notes of dimwitted innocence and brute-force gallantry, aided immeasurably by his moth-costumed sidekick Arthur (David Burke), wannabe lothario Batmanuel (Nestor Carbonell), and buxom beauty Captain Liberty (Liz Vassey). Attentive to the more mundane aspects of superheroism, The Tick offers outrageous villains (like the nefarious “Destroyo”) and eccentric allies (like Ron Perlman’s hilarious “Fiery Blaze”) while showing that even crimefighters have everyday problems and desires. Brilliantly conceived and executed, The Tick can now be enjoyed by an audience it never had a proper chance to cultivate

Source: Slash Film