joker joaquin phoenix

Prior to ‘Joker’ kicking off production, Joaquin Phoenix (‘Her’,’Walk the Line’) shared a huge smile at the Deauville American Film Festival which many think might be the smile we’ll see on the face of the Clown Prince of Crime. While this isn’t his guaranteed look, we do know that Phoenix has been busy getting in shape for the part and this shows that he’s been shedding pounds at the very least. Production is due at any time so he could be getting ready to have that grin plastered all over his face for the next few months, either that or he’s just in a really good mood!

You can check out the image right here:


The actor is known for taking interesting roles and in a recent interview wanted to stress that this wouldn’t be what anyone considers a superhero or even a supervillain movie as:

“I wouldn’t quite classify this as like any genre. I wouldn’t say it’s a superhero movie, or a studio movie or a … It feels unique, and I think more then anything, and probably the most important thing, is Todd seems very passionate about it and very giving, and so that’s exciting. I think, underneath the excitement of these films, and the size of them, there are these incredible characters that are dealing with real life struggles. And sometimes that is uncovered and exposed, and sometimes it isn’t, and so I always felt, like, there were characters in comics that were really interesting and deserve the opportunity to be kind of studied. And so I think that’s what Todd sees appealing about this idea.”

The more I hear about the film, the more I’m wondering how much we’ll see the Joker appear as opposed to seeing a man slowly evolving into the villain who has fascinated so many fans over the years.

Do you think that this will be the smile we’ll see plastered on Joaquin Phoenix’s face as his character slowly evolves into the Clown Prince of Crime in ‘Joker’? Share your thoughts below!

Joaquin Phoenix will be laughing his way onto the big screen as the ‘Joker’ on October 4th, 2019!