One of Kevin Smith’s trademarks is constantly reusing stars from his pool of talent for his various projects. For instance, it’s rare that you’ll see a movie made by the New Jersey native without his the Jay to his Silent Bob, Jason Mewes. So it’s natural that he’ll be doing the same thing for the second chapter of his True North Trilogy titled ‘Yoga Hosers.’ The film stars Johnny Depp, his daughter Lily-Rose Depp, and the director’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith, but will also feature the entire cast of ‘Tusk,’ as well as some new additions including Mewes, Adam Brody, Austin Butler, Tony Hale, Natasha Lyonne, and Tyler Posey. But now we know that Smith has called upon someone that he hasn’t worked with since the second film of his New Jersey Trilogy (which actually has six movies in it). Oh, and this person happens to be a comic book legend too.

A little over a week ago, the filmmaker revealed that production has begun on ‘Yoga Hosers,’ his version of a comic book movie that follows two teenage girls who go from Canadian convenience store clerks to fighters of an ancient evil that threatens their invitation to an awesome party. And since Smith is trying his hand at a comic book movie, who better to bring in than someone who revolutionized the comic book industry? That’s why the ‘Clerks’ director has brought in Stan Lee to appear in his latest cinematic effort. You can see the picture from his Twitter account below:

As he notes in the post, Lee and Smith first worked together on ‘Mallrats’ where we saw the Generalissimo offer up some relationship advice to Jason Lee’s Brodie Bruce in a way that only “The Man” could: By quoting some of his classic work on Spider-Man! There’s currently no official word on what the beloved pop culture icon will be doing in ‘Yoga Hosers,’ but by the looks of the picture, it’s a safe bet that his role has something to do with the police department.

As an added bonus (and because ‘Mallrats’ is my favorite Kevin Smith movie), here’s Stan Lee and Jason Lee’s scene from the cult classic where the elder Lee imparts some valuable knowledge on his long-time fan:

What do you think about Stan Lee appearing in Kevin Smith’s ‘Yoga Hosers’? Are you excited to see him pop up in a non-Marvel movie for once? Let us know in the comment section, True Believers!